Choosing The Best Tan For A Change In Seasons

It’s easy to envy people living in sunny climates with their year-round access to gorgeous tans. But even if you live in Wenatchee, you can enjoy a sun-kissed look regardless of the season by visiting a tanning salon.

Tanning In Fall And Winter

A deep gorgeous tan looks beautiful in the summer, but many people want a slightly lighter tan, more in keeping with the season as fall sets in. Tanning salons are a popular destination in autumn. Not only does a light, clean, tan make you look and feel better, it mimics the natural fading that occurs at summer’s end.

Most salons offer both tanning beds and sunless tanning to give you that dewy and youthful glow. Tanning in fall and winter boosts your self-esteem and keeps that tropical vacation firmly planted in your mind. And what better reason to show some skin at seasonal parties!

Tanning in Spring And Summer

March is one of the busiest times to visit a sunless tanning salon in Wenatchee. Many people are preparing to head south and want to get a base tan to look their best pool-side. A darker tan is more appropriate this time of year, especially if you’ll be spending time in the sun anyway.

The beauty of a spring tan is how easy it is to blend it with your vacation tan and build on it until summer. Summer tans offer the widest possibility for shades of darkness, depending on your skin tone and personal preference.

Safety First

Regardless of the season, it’s important to follow safety guidelines before visiting a salon in Wenatchee:

Tanning Beds

  • If you’re taking any medication, check with your doctor to ensure that none of it will react to the UV light.

  • Remove all jewelry because metal will heat up and become uncomfortable.

  • Wear goggles at all times to protect you from the rays.

  • Protect any sensitive areas of skin.

  • Keep tanning sessions short, and don’t tan too frequently.

  • Remove makeup and perfume.

Spray Tanning

  • Use protective eyewear so the mist doesn’t enter your eyes.

  • Use nose filters so you don’t inhale the mist.

  • Wear “protective undergarments” so the mist doesn’t contact private areas.

  • Ensure you have proper ventilation.

What Level Do I Choose?

Tanning beds come in 6 levels. Levels 1 and 2 offer low-pressure bulbs suitable for first-timers and infrequent users or to get a base tan before vacation. Levels 2-6 have higher pressure bulbs and will produce a deeper tan in a shorter amount of time. However, you’ll need to visit the tanning salon several times to get a true island glow tan.

Let’s talk about your tanning goals! Contact us today for a free consultation!

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