How To Tan Safely During COVID

2020 was a challenging year for everybody. COVID forced people to suspend gym memberships and put a pause on important self-care routines. But with the U.S. opening up, life in Wenatchee is slowly getting back to normal. People are looking forward to returning to the gym and meeting friends for a night on the town. There’s no better time to get back on track with wellness rituals like tanning and sunless tanning. After a year of zoom calls, you will definitely want to look your best when you venture back out into the world.

Of course, COVID protocols are still a must when tanning in a Wenatchee salon. You can rest assured that your safety remains a top priority for us. Think about it, when you’re in a tanning bed, you’re already isolated and alone. You can socially distance and get a clean and gorgeous island glow in as little as 10 minutes!

Excellent Sterility

Tanning beds are a safe activity during COVID because of the rigorous sterilization the beds get between treatments, including a full wipe down with an antibacterial agent. Ongoing protocols include maintaining 6 feet between workstations at all times, regular handwashing and frequent use of hand sanitizers, as well as screening employees and guests before entering the tanning salon.

Whether you are using a tanning bed or you’re looking for a sunless tan in Wenatchee, there’s a strict customer limit in the salon at all times. Many salons have also removed magazines from the lobby to discourage clients from lingering until it is safe.

Choose Your Bed: Stand-Up Or Lay-Down?

While both approaches will get you a stunning clean tan in Wenatchee, there are a few distinctions:

Lay-Down Bed

If you’re looking for a relaxing sunless tan, the Lay Down bed is for you. Simply close your eyes and dream of your favorite tropical island. However, because your body is touching the bed, there will be a few pressure points. UV rays can’t penetrate your skin fully at these pressure points, which can lead to creasing and lighter areas at various spots on your body. The solution is to shift positions periodically.

Stand-Up Bed

The stand-up bed offers more space to move around, which you’ll appreciate if you’re not a fan of tight spaces. You can move freely, lift your arms and bend your legs. However, it’s important to note that bulbs are hotter in a stand-up bed than in a lay-down bed, so the time-limits will be lower.

Look Your Sun-Kissed Best

As a nation, we’ve turned the corner (fingers crossed!) with the pandemic. Spring is in the air, and summer is around the corner. Pamper yourself with a Wenatchee island tan and give your confidence a boost. Planning a summer wedding? Tanning salons are a great couple activity. As a matter of fact, they're great for the entire bridal party!

Contact us today to learn more about tanning or sunless tanning in Wenatchee. We’ll start you off with a completely free consultation!

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