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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Wenatchee Tanning at Island Glow Tanning - Store front shown.

Every different geographical location has unique needs in terms of tanning and skin care overall. Wenatchee is no different. Whether it be maintaining a base tan as a means of self-care, tanning for medical reasons, or to prepare for a warm-weather, high sun vacation destination, Wenatchee residents have many reasons to come and get their "tan on".

We here at Island Glow Tanning Co. offer tanning in lay down and stand up tanning beds,

spray tan services, wedding consultations, as well as monthly subscription packages. If you are new to tanning, we will start you out with a Level Two (explanation of tanning bed levels found here) tanning bed setting, which is our base package. It’s a great package to help start building a base tan. You have the choice of a laydown or a stand-up bed. Stand-up beds are phenomenal for color because they deliver 360° coverage and the units are about 6 feet tall, providing great full-body coverage. Our newest tanning bed model is equipped with facials and cooling body fans.

We have just recently added two new beds to our salon which are both Level Three medium pressure beds. The Level Three beds (or Medium Pressure) deliver more of the bronzing rays so you will notice your results quicker. Our KBL MAX 10 bed is truly a game-changer for tanners equipped with a 34-inch tanning bench, shoulder tanners, high-pressure facial tanners, air conditioning, MP3 capable, and ergo dynamic features for the most comfortable tanning experience possible. This bed delivers almost full-body coverage in your tanning experience A 10-minute max bed!

Our 12 minutes pro San X7 tanning bed delivers similar features including adjustable facial tanning bulbs as well as body and facial cooling MP3 capable ergo dynamic bed once again for a more comfortable tanning experience!

Our two high-pressure beds deliver a quick color with visible results in as little as one visit!

We also offer professional airbrush spray tans. We use one of the industry's highest quality spray tan solutions for rapid results within a matter of hours versus the previous versions that require 24 hours before the customer could shower.

We always offer free bridal consultations, as well as special pricing for groups and wedding parties!

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