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the song "Do You Remember" by Adam and the Ants is playing. . "Tattoo" (Cherry Bomb) Written by Dave Navarro, Matt Dike, Eric Simons, and Freddie Mercury. The song was originally performed by the band Cherry Bomb. Track listing Charts References External links Category:Cherry Bomb (band) video albums Category:Albums produced by Dave Navarro Category:2014 live albums Category:2015 live albums Category:Live video albumsWhy diversity matters With only 6 months until our racial bias training and diversity training day, our “Why diversity matters” initiative is one that I hope will resonate with you all. We started this initiative because, as a small business ourselves, we realised that it is really important to be welcoming and inclusive of all types of people. We are currently looking to hire someone to carry out diversity training for us, so we thought we’d start by reaching out to our customers about what they’d like to see and, if possible, incorporate some of that into our training and workplace. A few points to keep in mind if you do decide to participate: We’re asking for honest, and plain-speaking responses, but please be sure to include in your answers why diversity matters to you. It’s important to us that we reach everyone in the company, but we also want to make sure that we are not creating a situation where employees can’t openly discuss racial, cultural or language barriers that they might face in their own lives. This is not a survey asking you to do anything that you don’t feel is right or within your company’s policies. We do not want to upset the apple cart by creating policies that aren’t in line with the culture of your company, or putting you in a position of having to decide what is right for your team. Diversity doesn’t just mean gender, it means everything: culture, religion, disability, disability (visible or invisible), age and race. To us, a diverse and inclusive workplace means having people who are willing to talk about their lives, their past, their interests and their friends, and to ask questions of each other. We want to break down barriers that might hold people back from engaging with us. If you do decide to participate in the survey, be




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Tf2 Meet The Sniper Music Downloadl

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